Care & Maintenance

Granite requires very little care. With the proper maintenance your natural stone countertop will look as good as new for a lifetime. Start with the simplest of the maintenance tips, and that is cleaning. Whenever you spill any liquid on the countertops, clean it up with hot water and mild dish soap. VI Granite & Quartz does sell a cleaner and polish for your countertops. Some cleaners such as Windex, Clorox, etc, are acidic and can eat away at the sealer and finish on your stone. This is why we recommend using our cleaner or just mild dish soap and hot water. If you clean your counter thoroughly at least once every week it will keep your countertop looking as good as new every day.

Lustro Italiano Stone Care Kit


The Lustro Italiano Stone Care Kit has been specifically engineered to safely clean and maintain granite kitchen countertops. It is safe and effective also on marble, quartz surfaces, corian and all other solid surfaces. The Stone Care Kit consists of one 32 ounce Stone Cleaner and one 13.5 ounce aerosol Stone Polish with Sealants packaged in a very elegant box for beautiful display and easy carry out.


Lustro Italiano stone cleaner is an sprayer that contains no harsh detergents that can strip away stones natural polish. Unlike some other household solvents, this cleaner will not shorten the life of stone sealants. Lustro Italiano Cleaner and can be used on natural stone, quartz stone, solid surface products, such as corian, as well as stainless steel and ceramic tile.


Lustro Italiano stone polish is an aerosol can that have sealants that have unique properties that bring out the luster of natural stone. Compared to other polishes, it creates a deeper long-lasting shine


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