What do you Charge?
Every project is different. The cost will depend on the time it takes to complete the task, materials used, and possibly customer's location. Please contact us for more details.

How often should Granite be sealed?
For best results sealer should be re-applied every 12-18 months.

Is my granite scratch-proof?
No. Granite is scratch resistant because it is so hard. However anything as hard or harder than granite will scratch it. Examples of things that are hard enough to scratch are granite, diamond, and fired ceramics with broken rough edges.

Can I throw away my cutting boards?
No. Granite is harder than stainless steel and so will not be scratched by most knives, but cutting on granite will dull the knives and shorten their service life.

Can my granite be broken?
Yes. Your granite is a minimum of one-inch thick up to inch-and-a-quarter thick. It is very strong but not at all flexible. Vulnerable areas are the narrow strips found in front of the sink and cooktop. Some caution needs to be exercised, such as never sitting, balancing or standing in these areas, and never allowing any child, guest or tradesperson to do so.

What about chips?
It is possible. Most chips occur with impact of a heavy object. Some stones are more prone to chips than others. Chips are easily fixed. If it is a big chip try to keep the piece, if you cannot find the piece we will use are UV light technology.

Is my granite heat-proof?
Within normal kitchen use tolerances, yes. This means that pots and pans from stove oven that are boiling water or cooking food can be placed directly on the countertop without causing any damage. If however, the metal is red hot from superheating it will be hot enough to burn or crack the granite.

What is a seam? How is it Repaired?
A seam is where two pieces of stone joined together. Seams can fail due to stress along the seam line. These include:

  • Settling of the cabinets
  • Movement of the floor
  • Uneven counters
  • Seepage of moisture, waxes and dirt
  • Insufficient support of the granite counter top when it was installed

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT try repairs yourself for several reason. stone is unforgiving and can lead to breaking or damaging the stone. To get a tight seam it is recommended you contact a stone specialist.

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